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The Incredible Adventures of Grandpa

The Secret of the Heir



The Secret of the Heir is an exciting and unbelievable sequel to The Search for Blood Island. 


The story starts in a cold hospital corridor, where little Kristján is forced to wait alone while his mother gives birth to his little brother. Thankfully, grandpa shows up with a brand new story - about how he himself had to go to a hospital because of an illness he caught on Blood Island. An illness that threatened to turn him into a monster for all eternity!


He had to trek across the country in a race against time to stand a chance of getting home alive - all the while fighting off magical creatures, mad knights, nasty pirates and a gigantic worm. Grandpa's storytelling has no equal and here he mixes excitement with humor in one of the tallest tales ever told. 


Currently only available in Icelandic. 



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