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The Incredible Adventures of Grandpa

The Search for Blood Island



The Search for Blood Island may sound like a very scary book. But don't worry, this is a hilarious and entertaining story unlike any other. 


It all starts when little Kristján doesn't want to go to sleep. He's seven years old and he has plenty of stuff to do. But then his grandpa appears with an incredible story. He claims that it's true but Kristján has never heard anything like it. Did a wizard kidnap grandma? Did grandpa fight trolls and ninjas up in the mountains? Was there a hermit inside the glacier of Vatnajökull? And what is Blood Island anyway?


The story stretches across the entire country of Iceland and even further than that. 


This book was awarded the annual Icelandic children book award 2014 and is perfect for children aged 7-13. 


Currently only available in Icelandic. 



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