Dear committee


Our project, titled MAROONED, is an .html file which is unsupported by your application system. Therefore, I have uploaded it to this webpage, where you can download it and open it on your computer.

Please do not let its unusual file type deter you from giving it a thorough look.

Marooned is a browser-based interactive short story which encourages the reader to analyse the text to discover hidden secrets and branching paths. It is designed to encourage reading comprehension and increase the interest of students in reading for pleasure. Please refer to the Marooned Pitch Document for further information.

This work was created using an online platform titled Twine, which allows for easy management of stories which branch out through a choice-based system.

Please note that to operate this narrative, you must download the link, open the file by double clicking on it and use your cursor to press a link at the end of each chapter when prompted.


Please download the Marooned Project File from this link:

To further explain the concept, we have included a Marooned Pitch Document which serves to give a taste of the visual and thematic experience we want from the project.

Please download the Marooned Pitch Document from this link:

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